ALU doors

Grading Aluminium doors

We can offer you a diverse range of aluminium doors to suit every building style, whether traditional or modern. Our aluminium doors are available in a complete range of colours and finish, both single and dual aspect, a range of glazing sizes and a low threshold option. We want to offer you a wide selection of doors that meet the needs of your project, whilst also ensuring the highest level of security and performance.

67ID door system

  • frame depth: 66,5 mm
  • wing depth: 66,5 mm/76,5 mm
  • minimal depth: 22 mm
  • maximal depth: 50 mm/60 mm
  • double, triple glazing

77ID door system

  • frame depth: 77 mm
  • wing depth: 76,5 mm/86,5 mm
  • minimal depth: 20 mm
  • maximal depth: 60 mm/70 mm
  • double, triple glazing,

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