ALU windows

We provide a complete range of aluminium window systems to suit the needs of any project, commercial or residential, providing the flexibility, style and performance that you are looking for.

ALU window - 67IW

Series 67IW uses 28.5 mm special polyamide thermal bridges that increase its stability and strength. The depth of the frame is 67mm, while the depth of wing is 77mm. The system allows us to achieve better static, sealing and thermal-acoustic characteristics. In addition, it,also provides security against burglary through special profiles and fittings.

ALU window - 77IW

Series 77IW represents a system with increased thermal conductivity due to the use of new 39mm reinforced polyamide fins and additional insulation inserts. The solution allows us to reduce convective air movement inside the profiles, which results in excellent and reliable thermal – acoustic properties. The profile depth of the frame is 77mm and 87mm of the wing.

ALU-wood window

Series 80IWood is an upgrade to 67IW system. It is the combination of the supporting aluminum frame on the outer side and a wooden paneling on the inside. Straight and clean lines of aluminum profiles on the outside and the limitless possibilities of colors from the RAL, highlights the modern look of each object. The wooden part on the inside ensures the feeling of warmth and comfort.

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