Turnkey projects

Nowadays, the trend is towards turnkey project for production lines or factories and in consequence reliable contractors with approprately qualified staff are essential. Our every project demands the highest safety and quality standards and completion on schedule.


Project developement with our clients

For us, the constructiuon of industrial buildings is an important sector. The tradition of our worldwide  company is to be efficient and progressive also in this area of civil engineering that dates long way back.

Since then turnkey projects, including planning, detailed engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and, if desired, processdesingm have been execzted with particular respect to the importance of meeting deadlines and managed costs.

We have over 17 years of experience in international industrial construction sucg as Coca-Cola company in Seville Spain and costruction for KONGSVINGER company in Norway. In close cooperation with our customers, we establish the best design and optimise construction methods to perfectly suit their specific needs.


A vison of the future has been built into our facade systems. The options of dynamic shapes, new and interesting perspectives, as well as quality of materials, are indispensable elements of a modern and attractive facade.

Why use our facade system?

  • they orivude unique and funcitonal solutions to most modern architectural concepts,
  • they are manufactured from carefully selected materials and have stat-of-the-art-technical characteristics,
  • they offer accomplished forms,
  • they allow architecture to cross the limists of the ordinary,
  • the quality of materials is supported with certificates
  • they boast excellent fireproof, noise and thermal insulation characteristics
  • their use shortens the building construction time
  • the wide selection of colours and shapes enables numerous innovative solutions.

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable contractor for your next project?